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Lauren Andreu, South Carolina Muralist and Artist, Puerto Rico Artist and Muralist, logo

Maybe AI will save us

Maybe AI will save us by showing us the contrast of art without soul.

Maybe AI will save us by reminding us why the artist matters.

Maybe AI will save us by making us dig deeper into why we chose this life.

Maybe AI will save us by raising the stakes.

Maybe AI will save us by asking ourselves if what we’re making is as soulless as AI.

Lauren’s work is an exploration of her experience with the feminine aspect of God and a celebration thereof through the mystery of her embodiment. Her work is peppered with mythology, folklore, and Jungian archetypes; but she invites the viewer to drop into their emotional body vs their analytical mind. Her guides include pioneers of feminine psychology such as Marion Woodman and Clarissa Pinkola Estes and contemporary womb circle movements. The majority of her inspiration, however, comes from her lived experience descending into her own dark womb.

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