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The Altar

The Altar

Title “The Altar”

Menstrual Phase: Luteal

Lunar Cycle: Waning moon

Season: Inner Autumn

Mantra: May I be the altar of life, open to receiving all of its gifts, trusting I am eternally held by God and the Goddess.

Materials: Image is 18 x 24, with antique frame 33.5 x 27.5, pen, india ink, cold-pressed 140lb watercolor paper, silver and gold imitation leaf, comes with candle, vintage frame with embellishments 


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As our progesterone levels soar, the body is preparing itself to either be fertilized or to gestate a fertilized egg. It is not a time to strive, but to graciously accept the body’s invitation to siesta. You’re not lazy, and you’re not depressed. You are in your “inner autumn,” and your leaves are simply changing color. Dream away, my love. Let your body be nourished so you may more easily move into the next phase of shedding.