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The Offering

The Offering

Title: The offering

Menstrual Phase: Ovulation

Lunar Cycle: Full Moon

Season: Summer

Mantra: The feminine serves the masculine, and she serves him. We serve each other in service to union and creation.

Materials: without frame 20 x 24, with frame 22 x 28, pen, india ink, cold-pressed 140lb watercolor paper, silver and gold imitation leaf, comes with candle


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Your testosterone is flourishing. Your glow is palpable. Your body, heart, mind and soul are primed to be the effervescence of life. Equipped with renewed energy, joy and sensuality, give yourself metaphorically and physically to whatever you desire to give birth to. This energy is potent. Unite with only that which you align with. Whoever, whatever you let in will be magnified 10 fold.