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The Temple

The Temple

Title: The Temple

Menstrual Phase: Bleeding, Follicular

Lunar Cycle: New Moon, Waxing Moon

Season: Winter, Spring

Mantra: May all that is unworthy of manifestation be shed, and may all that is worthy enter and find refuge in the womb of potentiality.

Material: without frame 18 x 24, with frame 23.5 x 29.5, pen, india ink, cold-pressed 140lb watercolor paper, silver and gold imitation leaf, comes with candle


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Here, if the egg has not be fertilized, your rich red river will flow. How we have been trained to loath this rite of passage. This is your birthright , my dearest. During this phase, your right and left brain are speaking to each other in a way that defies logic. Your intuition, creativity, ability to perceive beyond the veil… you are the bridge between worlds. The ancients recognized the power of this rite. “One who bleeds without dying”. Embrace your otherworldliness. Go within. Offer your wisdom from its most potent source, your womb. Let go of all that would hinder your light.